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Assistive Aquaponics Fish Tank

Profile Picture Teddy Warner| Winter & Spring, 2021 | 1-2 minutes

The Assistive Aquaponics Fish Tank was my final project masterpiece during my cycle in Fab Academy. The tank is made with a combination of digital fabrication tools and modern fabrication mediums including

  • 3D Printing
  • CNC Milling
  • Laser Cutting/Engraving
  • PCB Design & Milling
  • SMD Soldering
  • And Lots and Lots of CAD Design

Compleate Project Documentation

In an attempt to save some repo space, only a presentation slide and video of my Assistive Aquaponics Fish Tank are displayed on this page, however, a complete documentation of this project can be read on my Fab Academy site linked in the button below, as well as in the header of this site.

Fab Academy 2021 - Assistive Aquaponics Fish Tank